That's a wrap! (How many bloggers have used that title??)

All wrapped..except for that one spot.
Took this Monday night! They were just finishing the roof when we got there. We also saw the framing cut out for the garage service door and small first floor full bath window. Hopefully I'll get to go by soon to see if all windows are in.

I got a call this morning from Structured Cable confirming where we want the placement for our outdoor speakers. He said they'd be done with all cable lines today, so I guess we're in the "Mechanicals" stage. I'm hoping to have our pre-drywall meeting next week or the week after. We will be in Florida the first full week of September, on what may possibly be our last vacation for a lonnnng time! :) Sad I'll be missing all the house hoopla for a week, but I've commissioned my dad to be my photographer. I'm excited to see what the next few days brings.


It's a house!!

It's really starting to take shape! I can't believe how fast they move. PM said they would be done framing this weekend, but it was very rainy, so I can't imagine they got much done. He also said the garage service door and full bath window would be framed out this week. 

Example of all the rain: Aaron in the master bedroom. :) 


More Framing!

Today marks the beginning of Week 3...and we have a second floor! Our PM is aware of the missing service door in the garage and is on it. I thought we'd be at a stand-still until it was fixed, but I guess not. On Saturday, we walked the first floor. It's so nice to actually get a feel for our house! I hope the rain holds off today, maybe we will get a roof?
They were working in the front, so this is the back view. Morning Rom to the left, Great Room in the middle and Full Bath/Bedroom to the right. Are we missing a cutout for the full bath window??
This was last week, I forgot to post! Note the garage service door was delivered!



I stopped by on Wednesday to see if any lumber had been delivered. I found a few pieces: 

Then I drove by yesterday thinking I'd find more wood, but I found the first floor framing had started!!!

Front on the house:

Back of the house:

Future porch and front door:

A concern we saw during the foundation phase was that it didn't look like there was a spot for our side service door in the garage. Well, I don't know much about construction but it's kind of evident now. 

Here's a pic of the side garage wall. Does it look like a door is going there?

So I planned on sending an email to our PM but his address wasn't legible (should have checked on that before we left our pre-con meeting). I emailed our SR after business hours so hopefully I will hear back today. If it's too late, I hope they can write it out of the contract or give us the cash for it at closing (it was almost $1000). Then we can just buy a shed. 

Despite the garage door debacle, I'm soooo excited that it's starting to look like a house!!!


Foundation and Garage Update

Went by yesterday (Day 10) to find the garage poured! One of our questions is about the side door in the garage...There's no cut out for it. Do they knock out the cinder block later? It just seems odd.
There's 2 cinder blocks on the left side that look strange, maybe that's the door?

Standing right behind our morning room, looking into the future kitchen, dining room and foyer!

Close up of the brick for the crawl space! Love it!

From the side yard looking towards the kitchen! Two houses in the distance being framed!


We have an outline of a house!

Well, we are on Day 9! I went by yesterday (Wednesday) when no one was working, and found our entire crawl space complete! It's exciting to actually see the footprint of our home on our lot.  Wow, our yard is tiny. It's very long, but not deep. If/When we put a pool in, it will have to be oddly shaped and maybe at an angle. Or a lap pool!

In regards to the footer rejection, apparently they were allowed to continue and it would be reinspected when there was a finished product? Not really sure about that one, but everyone in the neighborhood had a rejection notice!

I did not get any pictures of the foundation, I will try again tomorrow. We had off and on rain today, so I'm not sure if they got anything done. I have never paid so much attention to weather as I have in the past week!

From looking at the other homes, it looks like the next step is pouring the garage and then waiting for lumber! One house was being framed yesterday, it's been very busy recently!

Brick for our crawl space
Dried gravel in footers