45 Days

Today marks the 45th day since we signed our purchase agreement.  It's been a week and a half since we received our loan approval notice, but still no plans on a Pre-Construction meeting... I know permits and all take time, but I am getting anxious!

Next week, I start 1 day/week furlough and 1 day/week telework, so I only have to go into the office 3 days/week until September, which will make stalking our lot much easier for me!!!

In regards to the furlough and closing, it's looking more likely we will not close until November, when I receive 3 full paychecks again. Financially, it would be better as we have longer to save for furniture/fence/etc. (and moving weather will be nicer too!) but I was ready to move yesterday! Looks like I will be practicing patience over the next 5ish months. I'm wondering if the anxiety gets better once you actually see your house going up? I'm just so curious about the unknown- like: How will the exterior colors look all together? How wide is the little hall to the first floor bedroom addition? Can my bookcase fit there? How will the 4-ft extension in the master look behind the bonus room? Stressing myself out as I type :)



Our loan has been approved!!!! Closing by October 1st! (Hopefully)


Our first purchase

We went to the mall today to stock up at the Bath & Body Works sale, so we decided to go to Sears to look at their refrigerator selection. We then wandered into the TV section and picked up this monstrosity:

It went from $2699 to $599! It's a 55" Sony Bravio. We're going to place this in the family room and the 42" flat screen that was in our family room, in the Bonus Room. Exciting! Now if only we can get a stainless steel refrigerator for that cheap...



We're in underwriting! Not sure if I should be nervous? On a side note, I was stalking real estate websites at 4:30 this morning (woke up and decided not to go back to sleep since my alarm goes off at 5) and noticed that our address is listed as an active MLS- and it's our model with our square footage and actual sales prices. The lot a few down from us was listed as Under Contract- they purchased a few weeks before us.  Has anyone seen this on their properties? Is it in case we walk away? Maybe just to increase interest in the neighborhood? I'm just curious.


not much going on

Well, we did our final selections last Sunday, the 26th. I updated our Options page with all our exterior colors and such.  I still have to send in our paperwork to the wiring before we can schedule our pre-construction meeting. The only addition we ended up getting are the speakers for the deck that are wired to the great room TV. Our future neighbors are going to hate us...especially during college football season!

The only real news this past week is that I received my furlough notice. I work for the Department of Defense (Navy civilian), so I've known about the possibility of a furlough since January.  Fortunately it was reduced from 22 days to 11 days (unpaid- one day a week), but we won't be able to close until I get a full month's paycheck again.  So, unless there's some miracle in Washington (ha!), it looks like we won't be closing until November. Trying to look at the upside- we will have one more month to save for furniture, fence, etc. and we won't have a mortgage payment in December. Still going to try to pull as many strings as I can and get us to close ASAP.