Morning Room

I think the Morning Room is done...for now. I am looking for 2 really cool chairs for the head of the table, and some really cool curtain tie backs, but other than that it's done.



Well we have even living in our new home for 3 weeks! Nothing is "done" yet so I have only taken a few pictures. I think I have everything in their respective rooms, just not placed yet. Someday when I have more time I will do a full post with good pictures, and things that we should have done differently during the move. Here are a few pictures, but remember, nothing is 100% yet! 
Family room, awaiting a new entertainment center to take up that whole wall. 

This is what moving does to an anxious dog. 

Enjoying the deck on one of our first nights. We were blessed with 70+ degree temps

The kitchen after the first load of boxes were unpacked. 

First floor guest bedroom. 

Simon loves to lay in the sun in the bonus room. 


Foyer- mixture of pieces from Tiffany&co. to TJ Maxx!

Need some candles for this shelf!

My "wall of fame." Frames have been straightened. 
Morning room table my dad built!