30+ Days

We had our 30 day walk-through the day after Thanksgiving, and the major repairs were done this week.  Luckily, we've only had issues with nail pops and settling, which will be repaired at the 10 month- so that the home can go through all the seasons. We had to get the tile guy to come fix the master bath shower and the upstairs guest bath shower. In the master bath, there was a raised tile and in the guest bath there were some spots not grouted. The drywall guy also came to fix the baseboards on the stairs where it had begun to separate from the wall. All in all, we are very happy. Yes, the nail pops are annoying, but I really think we're the only people who notice them.  Since Thanksgiving, we've really been lazy about getting things done.  We were focused on getting our Christmas stuff up and hosted a few get-togethers. I don't have a good picture of our tree...we put it in the morning room. I couldn't find a good spot in the family room! But it looks great in the morning room windows/sliding glass door.

Our main complaint has got to be the construction workers. We knew what we were getting into...but did not think it would be like this. Last week, a house broke ground across the street from us...and then the delivery for their foundation began at 10:30 at night...and lasted until 5:30 in the morning! On a Monday night/Tuesday morning! Mind you, I get up at 4:30 am for work so I did not have a good night of sleep. The other complaint is that we've seen huge truck tire tracks in our driveway, pretty close to our grass, so we wouldn't be surprised if they are driving in our grass too. They are extending our street to begin phase 2, so these are contractors who build the road.  I assume they are city contractors and are not hired by Ryan. Either way, it's annoying. Right now at 7AM there are 7 personal vehicles parked in front of our house- and their cars are where they take their smoke and lunch breaks, so it's pretty awkward to be in the front yard while they are sitting in their cars. And if we ever wanted to entertain during their work day, our guests would have to park in our driveway.

Okay, no more complaining. Here are a couple of pictures!

Dining room view from kitchen

View from front door

Entertainment center that my dad built from some sketches I did for him. It's a little cluttered due to some Christmas things being on here. In this picture, it kind of looks like I need something tall in between the TV and windows, but in person it looks fine. Hmmm...

Porch during the day, I have added wreaths to the railing and a bow to the lamppost since this picture.
Porch at night!